Valu-Air 8016 Stapler


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$ 62.62 GST incl.


Operating pressure (psi) 70-110 (4.8-7.5 bar)
Maximum pressure (psi) 120 (8.3 bar)
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm 45x145.5x211
Lubricant White mineral oil #10
Fastener size (mm) 0.95x0.65 (Ga21)
Staple length (mm) 6-16
Weight (kg) 0.85


  • Nail head and striker with German Ipsen heat treatment
  • More than 10-15 million times pin life
  • Stuck rate: about 0.03%
  • Air-class cushion bumper wear-resistant.
  • Sequential fire function
  • High-strength hard aluminium shell wear resistant.
  • Handle sheath TPE material is soft and will not crack.
  • High-strength aluminium alloy die-cast gun body.
  • Quick release jammed nail device.
  • 360 degrees exhaust cover.


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